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SHE formula stimulates the production of keratin, the effects of Plasma are made visible immediately:

  • Shiny hair and flexibility, the hair restructures and remains fixed.
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Know our new stimulant treatment with the never-ending source of natural elixirs! 

Hair care products for women with her hair damaged.

Hair care products for women.

Hair care products.

If your hair is damaged there are many hair care products you can use to take care of your hair. The best kind of hair care products you can use are those that are made of natural ingredients. Try to find products without chemicals or alcohol because these can damage your hair rather than fix it.

Products for damaged hair.

Every hair product brand has a product or treatment for damaged hair. You have to find the one that suits your hair type and the kind of damage your hair has. It’s not the same thing to buy a product for dry hair if you don’t have dry hair.

There are many hair care products for women but none as great as Plasma SHE. Itsani’s plasma SHE has the best ingredients a hair treatment can have. Minerals and natural proteins are the best components in a hair treatment to fix damaged hair.

Product for dry hair.

The best kinds of products for dry hair are those that moisturize it from scalp to tips. You have to look for products that will hydrate your hair and fix whatever it’s stopping it from getting the moisture it needs.

Products for frizzy hair.

Frizzy hair happens when porous hair absorbs moisture in the air causing the shaft to swell. Try deep conditioning and leave it on for at least five minutes to cover the shaft this creates. You can also try not washing your hair all the time and using dry shampoo if you feel your hair is greasy.

What damages hair?

There are many factors that can damage hair, for example heat, sun exposure, health issues or a bad diet. All these factors can affect your hair in different ways and damage it.

Best hair treatments.

The best hair treatments are those that treat your hair from the inside out with the best kind of ingredients. There are also many hair masks and creams that can be homemade with natural ingredients we can find in our kitchen that are also really good for our hair.

Heat damage.

Heat is a dangerous thing to use in our hair, sometimes it can be use for god, fixing products to your hair but some other times it can simply damage it. Things like sun exposure and over use of heat hair accessories like curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers can damage hair.

Thermo protective products.

The use of thermo protective products before using a flat iron, a curling iron, a blow drier or sun exposure can easy on the damage effect all these factors have on your hair.

The use of keratin products.

Keratin is something we all are born with. It’s a particle that makes our hair, skin and nails beautiful, strong and young. But as years passes by we lose more and more keratin, that’s why we have to use products that stimulates our keratin.

Benefits of protein.

Our hair is basically a protein in our body but it can get weaker with time. That’s why, as well as with keratin, we must use products that stimulate it to grow back and keep your hair strong. Your hair’s protein is what keeps your hair beautiful.

Oily based products.

Oil is a great thing for your hair. Oily based products are amazing for moisturizing your scalp and your tips. Something is that’s really good for your hair is natural hair oil. That’s why it’s important to let it hydrate your hair on its own without washing it off.

Shampoo with alcohol.

Alcohol is a really damaging substance. There are many shampoos that come with alcohol as an ingredient in them and by washing your hair every day, you dry it. If you are using a shampoo with alcohol, avoid washing your hair every day.

Washing your hair.

You must avoid washing your hair every day whether it’s with an alcohol based shampoo or not. If you wash your hair every day, you wash away the natural oils of your hair which help it get the moisture and nourishment it needs.

Curling and flatten ironing.

These styling tools are the ones we use frequently to get our hair done quickly and leave it beautiful but they are really damaging tools if used every day because they work with heat. Try to avoid using these all the time, use your hair more naturally and if you need to use them, treat your hair with thermo protective creams or sprays before styling.

Different hair types.

There are many different hair types, thick or thin, dyed, natural and all these different hair types need its own different treatment accordingly if your hair is thick and greasy and you use a deep conditioner or products with a lot of moisture, your hair will still look bad, heavy and it will get easily dirty and even more greasy.

Health and hair.

There are a lot of health factors that can cause your hair to be damaged and one of them are health issues. There are many illnesses that cause our hair to not be healthy and strong and stress and depression can cause hair damage too. There are cases of people losing a lot of hair because of depression.

Food and hair.

It’s really important to take care of what you eat. What we eat affects directly on our hair. If we base our diet on junk food, fried food and a lot of sweets, our hair won’t get the vitamins and proteins it needs to be healthy and beautiful so try to keep junk food to a minimum and consume a lot of food with different vitamins.

Illness and hair.

As we said, many illnesses can cause hair damage. Besides of psychological problems that may cause hair loss, there are also some other illnesses like malnutrition or thyroids problems that damages your hair.

Our company, Itsani.

Itsani it’s a company from labocay laboratories that work in the process of creating hair products for damaged hair.

Itsani Plasma SHE.

Plasma SHE is a hair treatment from Itsani that searches for a quicker and easiest way of treating hair damage.

Ingredients in Plasma SHE.

Plasma SHE has minerals and natural ingredients directly from the Patagonia were flowers like lilies and lilacs grow.

How to apply:

It’s very simple. Plasma SHE comes with three different products that you have to mix in one by one and lastly apply to your hair, previously washed. After applying, leave on for five minutes and rinse with warm water. To fix Plasma SHE ingredients to your hair, you have to blow dry it and straighten it or curl it, depending on how you style it.

Hair care products for women.
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Plasma is the answer for Frizzy hair!

Between straightening your hair, dying your hair, repeated brushings.
hair appears weakened, unhealthy, dry, dull, and thin.

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