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SHE formula stimulates the production of keratin, the effects of Plasma are made visible immediately:

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Everything there is to know about organic hair products

Organic hair productsThe benefits of using organic hair products daily

 You’ve probably heard about the organic lifestyle. It’s not a fashion trend but a really important movement that has as its goal the idea to go back to basics and change every product of our everyday life into organic. This means no additives, no chemicals and all natural. Beauty hasn’t been let out of this change and organic hair products are currently more seen and used by women who are trying to recover their hair’s health.



Benefits of Organic products

Organic hair products have many benefits not only for hair styling and look but also for overall health since you will be avoiding the usage and direct contact to the scalp of chemicals and dangerous components some of the regular shampoos and conditioners contain. Organic products have been proved to avoid breakage and soften the hair cuticle making it easier to handle to the most conflictive and harder to handle types of hair.

There are many reasons why changing to organic hair products is a good choice. First, by avoiding chemicals and going back to natural made products, your hair will respond by producing its natural sebum and oil and making it look much healthier, as well as you will notice that it grows stronger and softer. Even though they may be trickier to find in stores and maybe a little more expensive than regular hair care line products, the change is worthy once you start seeing results.

Organic hair products: Organic hair products repair your hair. Also, organic hair products make your hair preety and smooth. When you but an organic hair product you have to read the labels carefully before you decide to buy them. This is because a lot of products claim to be natural but a lot of them are not completely organic.Risks of traditional hair products

There are many harmful chemicals in shampoos and conditions that once that have contact in our bodies can lead to the development of different illnesses. Let’s keep in mind that not all of the regular products available in the market nowadays are harmful of toxic, but some have higher than recommended percentages of petroleum, preservatives and chemicals that maybe help you get an instant good look but harm your health and also debilitate the hair fiber.

What should you be avoiding

When you decide to start going organic and find yourself shopping for organic products, make sure that you read the labels carefully of shampoos and conditioners before you decide to buy them. We recommend this because even though some products claim to be all natural and organic, not all of them are completely organic. Usually if you see more than or ingredients on the product label, that product that is claiming to be organic is most likely to contain at least a few synthetic materials in it.

Organic products are better

Organic products are likely to help you revive the damage that has been caused to your hair from common hair products and by environmental factors that can make the hair fiber break, dry or frizz. With other everyday habits change like minimizing external heat added to the hair, solar exposure, and rinsing with cold water, in addition to the usage of organic products you will see results much faster and will not be likely to go back to regular products.

Hair and scalp health care

Keep in mind that when we wash our hair we are not only adding chemicals to the hair itself but also in direct contact with the scalp, so those chemicals penetrate in our body and may damage our health. Organic hair products will not only help your hair’s beauty but also the most important feature: its health.

Helping out the environment

Also the usage of organic products helps protect the environment. When you are washing your hair, the same chemicals that you apply on yourself end up going down the drain and into water. Organic hair products on the other hand are largely biodegradable and fully natural so they are much better to the environment and the world around us.

Organic hair products values and costs

It is true that organic hair products tend to be a bit more expensive than regular ones and may not be as easy to find in stores, but keep in mind that the price difference between one and the other is not that big. For that small price gap and only a little more cost, you will have a product that is much healthier to yourself, and the extra cost is definitely worth it.

Improve your overall health

Going organic, even if it’s only by changing your beauty products, will automatically improve your overall health condition since you will be avoiding dangerous chemicals.

Changing to organic hair products

Changing to organic hair products is a good decision for your health, and the results you will be noticing in the hair when it comes to styling and look. Sure, common products may give you instant results and leave your hair with salon results in that moment, but they damage it in the long run so it’s good today and bad tomorrow. But instead of just thinking about how your hair will feel and look today, make a test and go organic for a month. You’ll see that the results are much better even though they don’t show as quickly.

Bringing back natural hair strength

Elements usually used in common shampoos and conditioners such as mineral oils and petroleum can soften your hair but they also prevent it from moisturizing properly, which eventually will result in hair fiber’s breakage and frizzy look. When applying a ph balanced, natural hair product to your scalp, you will also make the new hair grow stronger, shinier and much easier to handle without having to use such many styling damaging products or heat tools that end up being harmful for you.

Natural ingredients in organic hair products are the key factor. Coconut oil, castor seed oil, olive oil, almond oil, keratin, avocado are some of the most frequently used products for natural moisturizing and soothing of the hair, and as well some of the usual components you might find when shopping for organic products.

Remember that nothing looks better than healthy hair. Make sure you try the new Itsani plasma SHE product and find out how great results can be achieved without having to add aggressive chemicals to your health.

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Between straightening your hair, dying your hair, repeated brushings.
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