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Hair treatments hair care: what to know


Hair is one of the first things someone sees when they first met someone else. Is one of our presentation features that can show how much you take care of yourself, since a good healthy looking hair shows a strong sign that you have a good regime of food options and regular health and hair treatments. A good healthy looking hair can be the best accessory for any style and look, so make sure you are taking all the precautions you can to have the best hair you possibly can. Hair depends on genetics and nature, but also in the damages you usually expose it to such as heat aggression, coloring and anything that may weaken the fiber of the hair making it thin,

dusty and debilitated. Regarding hair care, there are many new options available nowadays to warrantee that regardless you have straight hair or curls, short or long hair it will look the best it can. Typical Hair care involves cleaning and moisturizing your hair properly on regular basis to make sure it always look hydrated and flexible. The best way to know if your hair is healthy is that it should look lustrous, shiny and to the touch should feel silky smooth. It should also be strong enough to resist easy breakage and it’s much softer to touch that damaged hair. Even though you keep a good shampooing and conditioning routine from time to time is very important to have a deeper type of treatment such as a keratin treatment or protein based product and for that is always a good idea to make a consult with a hair expert or look for a product that can be home applied and have benefits for each type of hair. Hair is a prominent important feature for everyone and adds benefits to help improve a healthy self-esteem based on good self-image. Make a consult with an expert that can guide you in product usage, routine steps and treatments that you can make at home or at the salon for deep nutrition to help keep your hair in perfect state.



and residual products that may have been applied to the hair and scalp during the day, as well as the pollution we are exposed on everyday life and that also works as a damaging factor when it comes to hair care. The usual time where most people washes their hair is during a bath or shower and applying shampoo which is known as a specialized surfactant that work by emulsifying the grease and dirt that is on the hair with the molecules of water and the shampoo we are using, that then will be washed away with clear water. The shampoo you use every day will depend on your needs at the time, for instance it’s recommended to use a sulfate free shampoo on color treated hair since it is less harming than a regular sulfate shampoo. Acidic containing shampoos are recommended for hair that needs improvement since they don’t strip away the natural oils we have on our hair and scalp. Shampoos that have a balanced pH and don’t contain soap in them are usually closer to the natural pH of the hair. On the other hand, conditioners are usually used but not for cleansing but for making a protective layer that will help the hair be healthy and protect it from physical and environmental related damage we may expose it to. 


Hair Treatments


There are many ways to keep your hair healthy inside and out. The best way to distribute on a periodic basis the hair natural oil through your hair is brushing with a natural bristle brush. This type of brush is very effective to help conduct the oil from the scalp to the lengths of the hair nourishing the ends and lengths where the oil naturally can’t reach. Brushing the hair on a daily basis helps stimulate the sebaceous gland which starts producing more natural oil and sebum and help create a natural acid that is the skin’s own natural protective layer.


That are commonly used to smooth down the cuticle of the hair and making it softer. Anti -oxidant conditioners are more intense and usually applied on salons after chemical treatments and help prevent hair oxidation through hard and damaging products. Internal conditioners on the other hand are those that enter into the hair cortex making it nourished from the inside condition, also known as treatments and finally what we use as everyday conditioners or external conditioners that helps smooth down the layer that contains hair cuticle and help making the hair easily combable, shinier and smoother. So even if we are used to applying an external conditioner every day, it is always important to use from time to time a treatment that can help improve the hair quality from the inside that will later.



Hair treatments care have different formulas that will be more appropriate for each person depending on the needs that their hair show, and the nature of the hair itself, so keep in mind that most lines offer variations of the content to make sure you are investing in the best possible product for you. 


that work as universal products for one end: such as age defying products that can help not only the hair look smoother but also making it more healthy looking in no time and after the first application of them.


As we said before, hair is one of the first things someone will notice on someone else when they first meet, which is specially applied on women. Good looking, shiny hair makes a good first impression on someone who is taking proper care of their hair through hair treatments care. Also, hair care and taking good consideration on your daily care and routine can


such as hair loss or breakage. Regular washing with the usage of commonly sold shampoo and conditioner is not enough to have the best hair care done, but daily care through following simple tips can surely make a big difference in hair quality.




There is a commonly known myth that says that cutting your hair will make it grow faster. This is not exactly true since hair growth depends on age, hormones, genetics and habits, and the usual hair growth expected is 1.3 cm a month in most cases. So it doesn’t make a difference whether you trim it or not, but the main reason why regular haircuts are important is that it helps keeping your hair healthy looking. Split ends are common and even though they can be repaired by serum usage, have to be properly trimmed to avoid making looking your hair unhealthy and bad looking. Split ends are the consequence of not only natural oils not reaching that area, but also come from usage of hairstyling tools that require heat and weaken the ends. 


Is from six to eight weeks to keep it healthy and strong looking.


Since shampoo is a product that we usually use on a daily basis, it is very important that you find the one that suits your needs and has been properly designed for your hair type. For example, if you are suffering from hair loss conditions, it’s always the best option to look for a product that does not contain strong chemicals that may harm your scalp or hair increasing the condition. A good example of these are baby shampoos, that are designed to be as soft and natural as possible and can be also used in adults since they will achieve the same goal but preventing hair to get more damaged.


It is very important in hair treatments care not only to brush your hair on a daily basis but mostly, it’s about how you brush it, since it’s been proven that excessive brushing can be damaging to the hair fiber and can make it frizzy looking and weaken it. Instead of brushing, it is better to comb your hair softly and in a gentle way twice a day and make sure you are using the correct comb or brush when your hair is wet, since it can be more easily broken and it’s the time when the hair is more vulnerable. So make sure you ask what is the best option for your natural hair type in both conditions :

  Hair is one of the first things someone sees when they first met someone else. Is one of our presentation features that can show how much you take care of yourself, since a good healthy looking hair shows a strong sign that you have a good regime of food options and regular health and hair treatments.




We are used to the daily usage of hair driers, curling irons or flat irons to style our hair. Some time ago this hairstyling accessories were only used in salons, but now it is very common to have them at home and use them every day. Even though they are great to create a special look, every day usage can be very harmful for your hair since it requires outstanding heat exposure. The same happens with hair coloring: if you have to dye your hair, always look for the less harmful products that are available and whenever you have the chance, style your hair with a hair do that doesn’t require heat and use it in its natural form and style. Getting used to using your hair as it is not only will save time from your daily beauty routine but also will help you keep your hair much healthier.


Stress is one of the main factors that cause hair loss in women and one of the most common illness in everyday life nowadays. Your mental and emotional wellbeing is not only essential for your health itself, but also for your physical health since it can easily be reflected on skin, nails and of course, your hair quality.



Use hair treatments care as frequently as you can, but at least once a week will help you see good results in very short time. A common mistake is to thinks that a hair treatment has to be expensive and done in a professional salon in order to be good for your hair, but luckily this is a myth: there are so many amazing products that come ready to apply at home or even some homemade recipes that can help improve your hair without having to spend a fortune on them.


We all enjoy styling our hair differently and use braids or pony tails to get a different look and also because it’s usually more comfortable than loose hair. But keep in mind that when you hold your hair too tight it can break off hair fiber and damage the roots, so wearing an all day long style that is too tight look can make your hair fall. Also, if you have curly hair, don’t even think about using a brush since it will break the curls, change the sebum amount of the natural hair and make it look unappealing. Instead, find a wide comb that can help you style your hair respecting the natural style that you have. Curls are beautiful when they look hydrated and taken care of, so instead of straighting them use them naturally and have them always looking healthy and make them your signature style.


Even though you take good care of your hair every day, and brush it correctly, use good shampoo and eat healthy, keep in mind that sometimes hair may need a little restoring process to make it look young and healthy looking again since damage has already been made. Also, the common exposure to weather conditions such as sun and wind and also the exposure that we have to polluted environments may harm your hair and traditional care won’t be enough to repair it. There are many hair treatments available that can be easily found according to budget options, hair special needs and brands. Some of them may be natural, some of them also can straighten your hair in the meantime such as keratin based treatments but the good thing is that if you look for the perfect product to help you nourish your hair there is a huge variety available for you to choose from.


One of the most commonly used hair treatments care are keratin based treatments. Keratin is a protein that's naturally in your hair but can be lost with damages to your hair. So in order to repair the damage the idea is to apply a shock of this keratin making it penetrate the hair fiber for reconstitution.




In order to get a keratin treatment to help straightening your hair, a stylist will apply a keratin hair-straightening product to the hair and then seal it with heat like an iron and drier. The process can take approximately 90 minutes depending on how long your hair is. For treatments based on keratin products that don’t necessarily look for straight hair results, it’s also applied with heat since the protein needs to penetrate the hair fiber to make a difference. The good thing is that if you are used to style your hair every day with irons not only this will save you time on your beauty routine, but also prevent heat damage since the hot hairstyling accessories won’t be used on your hair as often. The results will show right after you have the treatment made and can last up to three months depending on the proper care you apply to it afterwards.


Deep nourishing treatments are very recommended for frizzy hair since keratin helps it look more controlled and prevent frizz that comes from humidity of the environment when in touch with very dry hair. So without frizz you will be closer to achieve that healthy looking hair style you are looking for, and it won’t require much maintenance afterwards, only the shampooing frequency that is indicated depending on the product you apply and the treatments you do after the process itself.


One of the best ways to prevent and repair the split ends on your hair is trimming it every month or so, but there are also other small treatments that you can do in order to keep the end of your hair length look as good as the rest of it. For example, a great way to prevent split ends is deep conditioning, which implies that after shampooing, you apply a generous amount of a hydrating conditioner only to the ends and wrap it with a towel and let it act for approximately twenty minutes. Then, rinse the hair until water is clear and let it dry naturally. 


Such as serum or oils that can be applied directly on the split ends and can be improved with heat. You can go natural and apply argan oil, coconut or almond oil in its pure condition, let it set and style it as usual without washing it. This will hydrate and nourish the hair all day long, but keep in mind that is only in the ends, otherwise you may get greasy hair that won’t look so healthy either.


If you can’t just give up you heat hairstyling accessories, at least make sure that your hair is as protected as it can be from the damage you will be exposing it to. There are full lines of products that create a barrier between heat and the hair and create a layer of protection that will help the hair to stay healthy even when exposed to aggressive heat appliances.




Hair can be damaged in no time, but surely will take some time before you see results when you try to repair it. The best thing is to start off with an intense treatment that can make a big difference from the start and then incorporating everyday habits that will help you keep it in its best form, such as an aware brushing, trimming, shampooing and everyday care that will make the actual results show.


Deep conditioning treatments are very recommended since they can be easily done at home and in your free time without having to go to the salon. First wash your hair and make sure that every layer of old products and dust is off. Dry gently using a towel until is wet but not dripping, and add the conditioner that you have chosen in lengths and ends of your hair. Let it act wrapped around in a towel so natural heat will improve the results. Then wash your hair and remove all excess of product that the hair itself didn’t absorb, and make sure you don’t use very hot water so the hair stays healthy. This can also be done twice a month with a hot oil treatment but make sure that you don’t overdo it so the hair doesn’t look greasy. With daily care, you can turn your hair into a traffic stopping look. Natural is always the best choice, so make the best of what you have and make it look as good as possible.

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