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SHE formula stimulates the production of keratin, the effects of Plasma are made visible immediately:

  • Shiny hair and flexibility, the hair restructures and remains fixed.
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Know our new stimulant treatment with the never-ending source of natural elixirs! 

How to repair dry hair for Damaged Hair better?

How To REPAIR Dry Damaged Hair WITH US?

Here now, the very Best In Beauty: Cosmetics, skin care, nail polish, and more tiny miracles personally vetted and loved by experts, insiders, and our editors.

How to repair dry hair? You may wish to seek to avoid using a shampoo as these surfactants can strip your hair, and seek products that include beneficial natural oils such as argan oil, rosemary oil, almond oil etc. The shampoos and conditioners that contain the active keratins and oxidized keratin, and not simply the hydrolyzed keratins, include intense repair shampoo and conditioner, and Itsani Plasma Intensive treatment shampoo and conditioner.

In terms of improving the health of your hair and reducing fiber breakage, Itsani Plasma has a harmless natural active that will add strength, volume and doesn't contain hazardous ingredients.

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Find The Best Product For Dry Hair At Itsani!

Find The Best Product For Dry Hair At Itsani!

The ends of the hair are the most sensitized through the years.The ends of the hair are the most sensitized through the years.

It runs from $10-$15 but so worth it because you put the powder in and tease and the tease stays like you hairsprayed it. It stays so well that even when it starts to get a little flat all you have to do is put the tips of your fingers around the crown of your head and it plumps it all up again.

In this article, we will suggest you some best hair products for curly frizzy hair which will help you get beautiful hair so that you can flaunt your curls and locks over your shoulders with confidence.

This took me for ever to dry (my hair was already close to dry/barely damp) i stood in the bathroom for 30 mn just to have half my hair in funky tight curls and the other half damp and frizzy) i was a makeup and hair artist on set and will stick to hot rollers when i need curls that are soft and wont damage hair.

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How natural hair care products can help you restore your hair

Benefits of NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS constant use

Hair is important in a look

Hair care is one of the most developed issues when it comes to women's beauty and overall care. Hair can be the great finishing touch for a good look or can harm it completely if it's not looked after properly. Natural products are always a great choice since they take advantage of natural oils and moisturizing products to improve hair quality and repair natural fiber.

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Plasma is the answer for Frizzy hair!

Between straightening your hair, dying your hair, repeated brushings.
hair appears weakened, unhealthy, dry, dull, and thin.

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